24/7 Breakdown Service

Maintenance and breakdown services are not only crucial to ensure a continued production and manufacturing process, but they are also among the biggest overhead costs in spare parts, tools and qualified engineers. Operators sometimes have the unnecessarily difficult choice between having engineers on their staff just in case, and risking costly and damaging delays in times when help is needed but not available.

With PW Maintenance and Breakdown Service you not only eliminate costs and risk, but also gain access to our wealth of experience and range of versatile skills in the areas of preventative maintenance and production process optimisation.

PW Engineering supports and services a wide range of industry, these include Rendering plants, Pet food factorys, Wood chip plants, Wool scours, Freezing works and other exporting companys to name a few. All of these clients require prompt, committed, highly skilled and qualified tradesmen at any hour of the day and night. PW's tradesmen are committed to reducing plant down time to a minimum.

PW offer all our clients a total breakdown service with excellent communication skills, individual plant knowledge with a very broad mechanical background, highly organised and qualified staff. PW are supported after hours by key suppliers, these relationships (which have been built up over the years) enables PW to supply products and parts when others cannot.

Also PW Engineering supports and services a wide variety of businesses, schools, city council's, property developers and home owners (to name a few) across all of New Zealand.

Over the years PW has build up a high level of trust and a loyal group of clients, some of whom no longer require quotes from us and in todays market shows the high standing we have built up with our clients.


Emergency Callout 

An emergency contact line is available to all maintenance and service clients and we have engineers available around the clock, day and night, to ensure our promise to keep your machines running smoother for longer is fulfilled.
If you require a maintenance or breakdown service please feel free to contact:

Peter (PW Group Owner/Managing Director) on 

PW Engineering is your one stop solution for efficient and cost effective facility management services.