From small general engineering fabrication to major plant construction and Installation, no fabrication job is too big or small. Backed by our committed design team we can offer a complete fabrication solution from concept to completion

Machine fabrications

  • Fabrication Jigs
  • Pressing jigs
  • Sawing Machines
  • Trolleys
  • Dense Phase Transfer Systems
  • Rotary valves
  • Conveyors
  • Cat drives
  • Wood handling equipment
  • Food processing systems
  • Hydraulic Lifters
  • Wool handling systems
  • Wool Presses
  • Paint Tables for Fellmongery
  • Hoppers
  • Material handling systems
  • Roll Formers
  • Seam Presser
  • Post pointers
  • Log bed transfer systems
  • Specialized boat steering system.

Medium structural engineering for the domestic and industrial market

  • Small single span bridges in steel and concrete, small portal frames and trusses
  • Balustrades, canter lever balconies
  • Design & build specialised architectural features
  • Small building cranes including gantry, canter lever, canter lever mid span pivoting and static rails