Micron Wool Press

New Zealand Made By Kiwi People

Proven Operational Features

  • Pinning that does not pierce the pack.
  • Built -in Digital Iconix FX1 weigh scale.
  • Large top box for maximum loading efficiency.
  • Wool can be loaded from either side.
  • Can be transported from shed to shed without dismantling.

Integrated safety System.

  • Designed to comply with government safety Regulations.
  • MICRON starts ONLY when control lever is activated and both glide-away doors are shut. Then an automatic cycle ensures easy and quick operation.
  • MICRON is fully enclosed during the complete pressing cycle, offering complete operator protection.



Integrated Safety System

The MICRON wool press has been designed to comply with the Department Of Labour regulations and guidelines for operator safety. These regulations and guidelines require that no access be possible in the working areas during operation.

Heavy duty limit switches have been fitted to both flap doors , both top boxes, both side pack clamp holders and the main door. Should any of these be open the machine will not start. Should any be opened while in operation the press will stop.

At the end of the pressing cycle the MICRON's doors will open automatically for filling and the cycle is repeated

Specifications and Options 

  • Oil Immersed Hydraulic Pump
    The MICRON Pump is fully immersed and contained to protect from contamination
  • ICONIX FX1 Digital Readout Weigh Scale
  • Large Top Box
    Full Top Box with 590mm high throat maximizing loading efficiency
  • Direct Bale Removal
  • Dimensions
    Height with rams closed. 1860mm
    Max working height. 2380mm
    Width 855mm
    Length 1780mm
    Wheels 200mm Dia
    Weight Approx 500Kg
  • Direct Drive
  • Integrated Hydraulic Plumbing
  • Twin Rams
  • Motor Options
    Single Phase 3Hp (2.2Kw) Motor
    3 Stage Pump
    Also 3 phase available for commercial operations.
  • Fully Automatic Self-Pinning

The MICRON is fully guaranteed for 24 months from the date of purchase.


 Click here  to download the Micron Woolpress brochure.