Cadbury's Crumb Plant

Client:Cadbury's, Stevenson & Williams, Duffill Watts

The fire escape shown here is attached to the outside north east face of the Cadburys crumb manufacturing plant building and is one of the longest hot dip galvanised fire escapes we have made.


Within the building behind the fire escape is Cadburys crumb manufacturing plant.


P&W were selected to install the buildings strengthening for the crumb plant expansion. This strengthening included installing beams in and around the existing plant, pipe work, and electrical cabling. The building required additional beams to all floors. A technical install which required highly skilled tradesmen and extensive project management. All workmanship and welding on this site was independently inspected.


P&W Engineering have been employed by Cadburys and other Cadburys contractors over the years on projects such as dismantling their chimney in the centre of town, another technical job with a critical path, The Dry Powder Store 2006/7, The Pineapple Lump Room 2007, both inside the dispatch building and compressor building 2007, as well as other work within the Cadburys factory here in Dunedin.