Meridian Clock

Client:Meridian Mall

P&W were first approached to service, patch and rebuild the clocks internal frame and body. Also later to supply concept designs for mounting this clock onto the building.

We found after a closer inspection the internal frame was badly damaged and twisted. Mostly from the weather between 1960 when it was last rebuilt and up to the time it was taken down and stored at Miller Studio. Also during this time and over some years prior internal items had also been misplaced or lost. The broken Bolts, welds and damage caused the clocks internal mechanism to flex and gears to miss, an out come which caused the clock to loose time. We informed our client Meridian Mall and the clock service technician of this challenge. We put our skills to the test to research the 1930's clock and found most of the parts for the clock service technician.

P&W are trusted and known for always informing our clients of any challenge or variation and if required will quote for this additional work before we start.

After we strengthened the frame and patched the body, we fabricated a new support frame and sent the frame and clock back to Miller's for the numbers to be repainted and repairs to the neon numbers.

On the day of the install P&W organised the install of the clock, Titians crane with notification to the Dunedin city council, transport from storage at Miller's with the new neon's and paint, Garth the clock service technician, Miller's and later the electrician from Aotea. P&W started this install at 5.30am because this start time had the least impact to the general public, our client the Meridian Mall, other Businesses in the area and all the people involved.