Spiral Wrapper Thames Timber

Client:Thames Timber
Start Date:07/12/07

Thames Timber were using six staff to manually wrap export packs (approx. 350/day) of pre finished timber using manual stretch wrap. This involved finished packs being 'banded' with steel straps to secure the pack and manual wrapping to protect the pack during transit to the USA and further distribution to retailers.

P&W offered a solution to this production issue using an automated 'Toroidal' spiral wrapper in conjunction with a custom built set of feed conveyors and 'Glut Handling System'. The finished result was an automated spiral wrapper that could be operated remotely by a forklift operator, capable of wrapping 350 packs of timber up to 5000kg max weight and any size that fits through a 1500mm diameter. This particular installation suited a long infeed and outfeed length however the machine can be reconfigured in many ways to suit any installation, and include auto loading and unloading if required.